Web Design and Maintenance

What do you want your web presence to be? Is this your first web site or a re-design of your current site? What do you like and dislike about web sites in general? We prefer to use WordPress for the Content Management System.
Web Design and Maintenance portfolio.


Looking to place an ad in the newspaper? Thinking about putting an ad in a magazine or other publication? Dutcher Design can utilize existing material or create an image that focuses on your target goal.
Advertisement portfolio.

Reference Material – Assortment

Do you have a directory that needs to be created? CD, book or DVD cover? We can work with your database and your information to design a reader-friendly document.
Reference Material – Assortment portfolio.


Your logo is a statement about your organization, your company, your band, your club. Logos can be used everywhere: letterhead, newsletters, flyers, advertisements. Are you looking to create an image or change an existing representation? We’ll work with you until you’re happy with the results.
Logos portfolio.


You want to tell a lot of people about what you’re doing, or what you’re offering. You want them to see it, remember it, hold on to it and share it. We get your message out with simple yet dynamic images.
Flyers portfolio.

Corporate Identity, Letterhead, Brochures

A coordinated look for your business cards, letterhead, note cards. Put your best foot forward when describing your service, business or organization. A carefully designed brochure will make potential clients remember you.
Corporate Identity portfolio.

Art, Greeting Cards, etc.

Looking to create that perfect greeting card? We will design your message for the season or the reason.
Art, Greeting Cards portfolio.


You provide the content, we’ll organize and create a complete layout. Color, black & white, photos, graphics. Whatever message you need to send, we’ll create your newsletter so that it’s a good reflection of you.
Newsletter portfolio.


Event signs, door signs, display signs. We know how to create the right format and work with a variety of printers and formats for your sign.
Signage portfolio.


Reports, datasheets, any type of business collateral for marketing.
Collateral portfolio.

Email Design

Email marketing is an easy way to reach your clients and customers. An Email Design can be used as an advertisement, a newsletter, an electronic magazine (e-zine), or a greeting.


Do you have an auction, conference or event that needs a program to outline the events, registration, give descriptions, and directions?