Web Design Lemon Tree Inn

In a re-branding and updating mode, the Lemon Tree Inn needed a new site to showcase their established hotel.

The re-design of the Orange Tree Inn site followed along with updates in extensive photo galleries.

Finally, a companion site for their signature Crocodile Restaurant and Bar was added.


Web Design Doll Convention

3-day Doll and Teddy Bear Convention in Philadelphia. All convention materials and information are availble on the site.

A magazine campaign was developed to promote the convention. Campaign included a full page ad in 9 magazines.


Web Design Your Body Workz

This site came to me as an “unfinished site”: it had a couple graphics and placeholders for text. I added a blog, more graphics, the content, as well as 2 subsidiary websites within this one site.


Web Design Full Spectrum Recovery

A re-designed WordPress site advertising services of a counseling practice. The desire was to have new content on a monthly basis, offering social media, and workshop advertisements.


Web Design iaedp southern california

(International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals)

This serves as an information site for the group’s educational and social events.

The home page is targeted specifically for their next event. The look is based from a post card which we also design for the event. Mass emails are based off the postcard and web design.


Web Design Ventura Rental

Ventura Rental has 2 distinct parts to its business: party rentals and equipment rentals.

The equipment rental site was aimed at home owners and contractors.