Signage – Doll Convention

  • 2 different 2.7’x6.5’ standing banners
  • one 12.5’x5.8’ hotel hanging banner
  • 11 different 2’x3’ directional posters for conference events (2 of 11 shown, please contact us to see all 11)

doll-02 doll-01 doll-03 doll-04 doll-05

Signage – The Hills Swim & Tennis Club

Several 18″x22″ posters were designed for a variety of topics. All posters had an accompanying flyer or brochure that gave more information that the Club could use as a client take-away.

The Nutritional Seminar and Triathlon Posters were designed so they could be re-used for different specific events.

TheHills-nutrition TheHills-biggestloser TheHills-triathlon TheHills-weightnomore

Signage – Car Sticker

A 2″x4″ car sticker.

The goal was to have the piece look like a Santa Barbara street sign. Since the letters aren’t a font, I photographed many street signs to get all the letters needed. I then illustrated the letters from the photographed signs. The colors were sampled from the street signs.